Re-launching the world's biggest freelancer marketplace (in two parts).
  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Film
  • Digital
  • Social
  • OOH
  • Competition
  • Experiential

Tel Aviv/NYC based Fiverr was already the world’s most popular website for finding freelancers online, but covid and the world of remote working came along and they got even bigger, and decided (formally) to launch into the Australian market.

But first they needed to recruit Australian freelancers to sign up as providers on the site. Fiverr had found that while Aussies liked the idea of working remotely with freelancers, they preferred to stick with their own countrymen and women to get the job done. To tackle this problem we ran a social competition encouraging freelancers to show us their Working From Hell (WFH) setups, and then we awarded the winner with their very own WFH Escape Pod.

And whaddya know, Aussie freelancer flocked to the site in their droves. Tick.

Next up was the main task: attracting users to the site, SME owners who needed the skills of freelancers. For this, we created Bill’s Billboard – a world first where we popped a real Fiverr freelancer on top of a real billboard and got him making ads for five lucky Australian businesses who’d entered a competition to win $200k of free outdoor media to advertise their businesses.

Saaaaaaaaaa meta.

'Bill's Billboard'