Face To Facetime
Using one essential service to provide another.
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In a faraway place called ‘2020’, where Melburnians were prohibited from visiting one another, Bubba Pizza lived up to their brand promise to ‘Let Bubba make it better’.

Together with Bubba we created the Face-to-FaceTime Lockdown Delivery Service, a nifty lockdown loophole that enabled you to send your loved ones a pizza—and your face—at the same time. 

Using a technological innovation (read: an iPad strapped to a helmet), Bubba’s delivery drivers went out to the home of your choice and displayed your face on FaceTime when they knocked on the door. 

And it even managed to get on the radar of Channel 7’s ‘The Morning Show’.

This Father’s Day, the only way to visit your dad legally is with our Face to FaceTime Lockdown Delivery Service. We get an iPad. We strap it to a helmet. We put you on FaceTime and deliver your dad a pizza, and your pretty face, at the same time! Just head to the ‘contact us’ page on our website and tell us why your dad deserves this lockdown loophole.