Breaking new ground for an Australian tech giant

“Australia lives here.” But why?

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Though home to Australia’s most visited property sites, certain REA Group customers weren’t feeling the love. Price rises and fierce competition had left satisfaction at an all-time low.

Although the brief was for a traditional B2B campaign that utilised the consumer facing tagline ‘Australia lives here’, our proposal involved a much deeper reaching change, not just to their comms, but to attitudes within the company.

While ‘Australia lives here’ was a perfectly valid advertising line for users of the website, it held little relevance for customers (real estate agents, property developers or media agencies). We needed a platform that communicated the important role customers had played in the success of the company.

As usual, the simple solution is often the best: by simply adding the phrase ‘There’s a reason’ to the front of the consumer tagline, we created a platform for all customer-facing comms and a constant reminder to REA staff about who pays the bills.

A three-stage communications plan developed alongside the idea would see relationships and sentiment improved by: first acknowledging customer contribution, and secondly by communicating improvements and advancements to services and products. Then, once we’d won back the hearts of customers, we’d return to ‘business as usual’ comms about the company’s regular activities.  

Executions ranged from: an internal launch party at REA offices throughout the world that included activation, experiential, ambient, EDMs, print and posters; through to external launch touchpoints that included a campaign film, print, DM, EDM and microsite.

The campaign has proved to be an enormous success with customer sentiment on the rise, and the mindset of REA Group staff realigned to a more customer-centric worldview.