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With a market cap of $7.3b, and over 1500 staff spread throughout the globe across multiple brands, REA Group is one of the world's leading digital players in property. But because the company had grown so large and so diverse, it had become obvious that a cohesive articulation and expression of the company's philosophies was required to bring all staff together.

Our creative platform for the project played off the property category and the REA Group's logo by establishing the group's new brand values as "The values we live by". We brought the platform to life in video and print by choosing a 'room' to represent each value (for example 'Do it with heart' was represented by the room in our homes where we do just that: the kitchen). 

In collaboration with the team at REA Group, we devised an interactive stage presentation for the company's Global Kick-Off event, 'GKO', that would see a combination of live speakers and video content introducing the new brand values. A campaign film featuring REA staff from around the world led the showcase, followed by key, live addresses, interspersed with video interviews, with each address introducing a different value.

In addition to the showcase event, working with well known Australian illustrators we devised key visuals for each brand value that would adorn "break-out spaces" at GKO.

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