Racing Victoria calls on the Spring Racing Carnival.

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Racing has had something of an identity crisis in recent years. Caught somewhere between pretty girls patting horses and the venerable sport of kings steeped in tradition, the sport has had a tendency to present itself as either too elitist or gone too far in the other direction. Racing has wrongly pitted itself against other sports because, well, it’s different. It’s not combative, it’s not oppositional.

Rather than dividing us, racing is one of the few sports that unites us.

Racing encompasses so much. Sure, there's the sport, but there's also the conviviality, the electric atmosphere, the thrill and suspense, the fashion. Hell, the people watching! The list keeps going and adds up to one thing: there's something for everyone. It calls us into our suits and dresses. Into the salon and into the limo. Over to our mate's place for a barbie or to the local to put on that once-a-year bet. It's a heady, intoxicating sport that appeals to us each in different ways. And no matter which was you look at it: in Victoria, in Spring: 'The Races Are Calling'.