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In the midst of a high-flying corporate career, Justin Scanlon found himself presented with a huge opportunity.

Justin's disabled son, Tristan, had introduced him to the world of personal care services - a world that brought its fair share of challenges. So, after many years coping with an underfunded and often ineffectual system, it wasn't entirely surprising that the announcement of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) gave Justin the idea to start a personal care agency of his own. 

With his experience in very senior roles within large businesses administering complex financial systems, combined with more than a decade navigating personal care for his own son, Justin was in a unique position to create something very special with the fledgling NDIS.

He had the idea and the ability. He just needed the brand. 

By All Means' approach to creating a brand that would speak to the intention for a personal care service that actually cared about its participants began with the search for an appropriate name. A name that expressed the human-centred, considerate, well-trained and well-informed ethos behind the company.

We thought about the warmth of human interaction, the connection and groundedness that comes from well intentioned behaviour. We dove deep and settled on 'Hearth'. Linguistically, a word that goes hand in hand with 'home' (which, of course, is where personal care services are typically performed). Traditionally, the hearth was the centre of the home and our gathering place, but it also seemed useful that the temperature of the word is inherently warm.

From there, we worked up a visual identity evoking connectedness, approachability and warmth. An identity that would work beautifully across the typical collateral of website (the first brand touchpoint that we've made), signage and business cards, but also into the less traditional, industry-specific outputs like carer uniforms. 

Hearth. Care has never felt warmer.