Gambling magnate bets his new business
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It was always going to be tough to compete with the established players in this $13 billion industry. We needed to create a relevant and differentiated brand offering in a new and disruptive manner. That old chestnut.

While online sports betting in Australia is dominated by large, foreign-owned sports betting conglomerates like William Hill and Paddy Power, BetEasy by contrast was 100% Australian owned and operated. With some delight, we recognised it presented an opportunity to give the brand clear space in an homogenous market.

Our work presented BetEasy as THE Australian online bookmaker, an underdog fighting the good fight against international interlopers, and created the brand positioning ‘Australian Made Betting’. From this platform sprung a series of multi-channel campaigns executing the message alongside powerful promotional activity.

In under a year, BetEasy became Australia’s fastest growing bookmaker with over 110,000 new customers. The work was not only attractive to a truckload of bettors, but to James Packer’s Crown Resorts who, in early 2015, acquired the fledgling enterprise, rebranding it CrownBet.