In this always-on, terminally distracted age, the struggle to inspire people to take action has never been more difficult.

By All Means is a creative company that solves this problem for brands, businesses and causes through robust thought, uncommon creativity, elegant execution, and with an agility that allows us to keep ahead of the ever-shifting landscape. Unusually, we’re both a creative advertising agency and a production company (creative company), which is just another way of saying we’re as capable of executing solutions as we are in devising them.

So, by all means, engage By All Means as your strategic consultancy, your traditional creative advertising agency, your digital agency, the people who brand your latest product or help you invent it, or as the producers, writers and directors of your next hit TV show. Or maybe we should just meet up to find out how else we can work together.

Means of inspiration:

Brand Strategy
Account Management
Web Design
User Experience
Creative Direction
Film Direction

— Film Production
— Design
— Art Direction
— Experiential
— Brand Identity
— Packaging Design
— Social
— Dream
— Eat

How do we inspire?

By interrogating the root of the problem, and the outlying reasons that surround it (which sounds pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how little of it actually gets done). We spend a lot of time arguing (nicely) among ourselves, working out what the problem actually is, and doggedly uncovering an original point of entry. Then, once we’ve found the way in, we work even harder to find the way out.

We're logical people who think creatively. 
Creative people who think logically.

We're independent-minded folks who aren’t content to sit behind a desk - we seek to make the world a little more interesting, a little more dynamic, and a lot more inspiring. We're people who understand the power of good stories told well, and how they can be employed to solve problems you didn’t even know you had.

The founding partners

At the core of the business are three mates (two of whom are officially brothers). Between us, we’ve over 25 years of experience in helping to build some of the most famous brands in Australia.

Mat Cummings
Managing Director

Toby Cummings
Creative Director

Ed Howley
Creative Director


Located in the most creative neighbourhood of Australia’s most creative city, our Collingwood office is spread across three light-filled floors with views across the skyline. We take inspiration from all around us: including the brewery in our basement.